SlashBot is the best Discord bot ever! SlashBot is a new Discord bot with many features!

SlashBot is the best Discord bot ever! SlashBot is a new Discord bot with many features!


Do you need to do some quick maths but can't be bothered to do it in your head? Well, we got you covered with our convenient Discord Calculator!

Image Manipulation

Do you want to troll your friends? SlashBot has tones of image templates which can be manipulated!

SlashBot is a modern, multi-purpose Discord bot with exclusive features. SlashBot is a trusted and safe Discord bot. SlashBot was made by a small team of developers and aims to be the next big Discord bot! Best of all, SlashBot is 100% free with no paywall!






• A Guild is a technical word for a Discord server

• A Shard is like a piece of a bot

The Team


Anmol is the artist of the team! He makes gif and icons for SlashBot. He also is a great concept artist!


Mushroomcraft is the lead developer and original creator of SlashBot


15/5/2021, 9:04PM - SlashBot was created with the name"Test Dummy#2634"and so was SlashBot HQ created with the name"Test Server For Dumb Stuff"
03/07/2021 - Server and bot were re-purposed to what we know and love today!
04/07/2021, 10:27AM - The first command was created: /ping
10/08/2021 - V1 was released, featuring settings with buttons and it was the first polished release!
11/08/2021- We were added to discord bots list!
16/08/2021 - 69th server
17/08/2021, 4:14AM - Verification message from Discord
17/08/2021 - Applied for verification on Discord
17/08/2021 - The curse of 100 servers
18/08/2021 - SlashBot got verified on!
20/08/2021- The release of the first image manipulation command!
21/08/2021 - Made batch script so bot restarts on crash (yes, ground-breaking code)
23/08/2021 - Moved SlashBot to servers provided by Olirules10
26/08/2021 - domain was bought by us!
27/08/2021 - Music was removed due to YouTube shutting down large music bots.
28/08/2021 - Started work on new SlashBot website (this website!)
01/10/2021 - Website was released along with SlashBot YouTube channel and first video on SlashBot YouTube channel

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